BetaCraft v1.09_13 (exe) (jar portable) (exe portable)

28th June 2021, 18:45 CEST
+ Support for resizing c0.0.12a_03

• Classic, Indev and Infdev should now work on macOS
• servers for 12w18a and 12w19a should now download
• corrected the padding on the login prompt
• fixed all known issues with Discord RPC
• fixed linux mouse stutter in early Classic
• fixed issues with Java 16

Other changes:
• the default version for an instance is now b1.7.3
• cleaned up a lot of code related to launching the game
• early Indev versions will now request to set their size on launch
• it's now possible to force the server IP prompt to appear by adding -Dbetacraft.ask_for_server=true to JVM arguments
• it's now possible to use -Dbetacraft.resize_applet=true as an JVM argument to force the applet resizing panel to appear
• the launcher will now run the game with the same JVM it's been run with
• addons list is now more user friendly and addons automatically update

Libraries update 4

26th June 2021, 10:35 CEST
All platforms | Bugfix:
• Fixed gray screen from a1.1.1

To still experience the gray screen bug, add -Dbetacraft.grayScreen=true to JVM arguments

Libraries update 3

4th April 2021, 21:00 CEST
All platforms | Bugfix:
• Fixed sound not working in early Indev versions

BetaCraft v1.09_12 (exe) (jar portable) (exe portable)

31st March 2021, 23:57 CEST
+ Microsoft account support
• the launcher not working on older java 8 builds
• unnecessary re-downloads
• frame resizing back to original size after switching tabs
• button size being too small for some languages
• being unable to play the game while offline
• choice buttons lacking translation
Other changes:
• the project now uses Gradle (it's not on github yet)
• backend changes, implemented some code from the future 2.0 release
• the launcher possibly loads quicker now
• the default version for an instance is now b1.6.6

BetaCraft v1.09_11 (exe) (jar portable) (exe portable)

22nd October 2020, 22:00 CEST
+ Added support for classic server authentication and heartbeat (also for Alpha to 1.5.2) - see Server list tab for more information
+ Hopefully the launcher should load quicker now

• Fixed inf-20100413 crashing after a while of gameplay

BetaCraft v1.09_10 (exe) (jar portable) (exe portable)

3rd July 2020, 17:37 CEST
+ Added descriptions for addons and mods
+ Optimized the startup process of the launcher
+ Joining servers is now possible for all versions that support it
+ Added version detector for seamless launch of versions without configuration file

• De-bloated the wrapper code a bit
• Fixed issues with joining servers on c0.0.15a-1
• Fixed bugs with windows and buttons
• Completely redid the versions list

Libraries update 2

24th April 2020, 15:51 CEST
All platforms | Bugfix:
• Fixed lines appearing in clouds on AMD graphics

BetaCraft v1.09_09 (exe) (jar portable) (exe portable)

18th April 2020, 23:38 CEST
+ Last closed tabs now save and load

• Fixed black screens when "Keep the launcher open" was unselected. Do "Force update" to fix those issues.
• Fixed autoupdate again

BetaCraft v1.09_08 (jar portable)

14th April 2020, 19:32 CEST
• Fixed servers list for 0.0.15a

BetaCraft v1.09_07 (jar portable)

14th April 2020, 16:04 CEST
• Fixed connection issues with c0.0.15a

BetaCraft v1.09_06 (exe) (jar portable) (exe portable)

14th April 2020, 02:25 CEST
• Fixed autoupdate

BetaCraft v1.09_05 (jar portable)

14th April 2020, 01:58 CEST
• Fixed addons and launch methods acting weird on Windows

BetaCraft v1.09_04 (jar portable)

13th April 2020, 23:16 CEST
• Fixed Windows support

BetaCraft v1.09_03 (jar portable)

13th April 2020, 21:30 CEST
• Fixed c0.0.15a unable to save

BetaCraft v1.09_02

13th April 2020, 19:59 CEST
+ More integration with pre-classic and early classic
+ Improved addons & launch methods
+ Added support for c0.0.15a

• Fixed addons not deselecting

BetaCraft v1.09_01 (exe) (jar portable) (exe portable)

10th March 2020, 02:35 CET
+ Made local custom versions display as "[Custom] %s"
+ Made jsons not mandatory for custom versions
+ The launcher won't attempt to launch the game if the nickname is blank
+ Re-added the username field above the Play button
+ Moved the "Log in" button to the right of the username field (if logged in, the nickname field is uneditable)
+ The wrapper no longer adds a "Minecraft " prefix before the instance name

• Fixed the launcher frame extending vertically on Windows 10
• Fixed the username sometimes being an email
• Fixed autoupdate
• Fixed online saving in 13a_03 and 14a_08
• Fixed a bug when loading the launcher while being offline
• Fixed addons sometimes doubling in the configuration, thus not allowing the game to start
• Fixed cyrillics
• Fixed mods repository name displaying versions list's name
• Translated tab buttons

BetaCraft v1.09 (exe) (jar portable) (exe portable)

29th February 2020, 21:42 CET
+ Made the launcher frame resizeable
+ Made the launcher use the default OS theme for the frame
+ Added window tabs (Changelog, Classic servers)
+ Added multiinstances
+ Added wrapper addons list with an API
+ Added mods repository:
ยท select the mods you want to add to your versions list and click OK
+ Added the ability to change the game frame's icon
+ Added the ability to change the directory of the instance
+ Added mojang account authentication (not mandatory)
+ Minor changes to the GUI
+ Added versions 1.0.0 through 1.5.2
- Removed "More info" button in versions list
• Fixed the language file not always updating
• Fixed Indev and Infdev not working
• Fixed black screen in 0.24_st_03 and 0.30
• Fixed launching mc-161148

BetaCraft v1.08_02

4th December 2019, 23:17 CET
• Fixed the server IP input field not appearing
• Fixed Discord RPC not showing the correct translation for a username.

BetaCraft v1.08_01

28th November 2019, 16:12 CET
+ The launcher now determines the launch class by the jar structure, not by the jar's name.
• Fixed launcher not working due to domain change

BetaCraft v1.08

29th September 2019, 01:31 CEST
+ Added support for Retrocraft servers
+ Added support for changing window dimensions in Classic and Indev
+ Added support for Minecraft 4k
• Fixed settings randomly resetting
• Fixed locales not working on Discord RPC
• Fixed forced updates
• Fixed "Cancel" button in IP dialogue in Classics

BetaCraft v1.07

20th July 2019, 22:14 CEST
+ Optimization, the launcher should work faster now
+ Corrected some typos in the code
+ Changed the debug language from Polish to English
• Fixed launch arguments when typing more than 1 argument
• Improved the detection of illegal characters in the name field
• The launcher should now open/open the game correctly, the bug affected a lot of people
• Fixed loading/failing messages on loading update news

BetaCraft v1.06

13rd June 2019, 13:07 CEST
+ Added an option to disable Discord RPC
+ The launcher now requests a skin update when launching with proxy
- Removed the heavy easter egg
• Language files should now update correctly on every launch
• Fixed not being able to type anything anywhere, and thus removed the Enter key feature

BetaCraft v1.05

13rd May 2019, 21:00 CEST
+ Added "Show more" button to the version list
+ Translated some entries to Polish
+ Added game and a launcher icon
+ Added an easter egg
+ You can now confirm changes with the Enter key
• Fixed a graphical glitch with the changelog background
• Fixed launching the game with proxy arguments

BetaCraft v1.04

6th May 2019, 20:47 CEST
+ Connecting to Classic servers is now possible
+ Changed Retrocraft proxy to BetaCraft proxy
• Fixed auto-update

BetaCraft v1.03_4

28th April 2019, 18:50 CEST
Windows | Bugfix:
• Attempted fix on auto-update

BetaCraft v1.03_3

23rd April 2019, 14:07 CEST
Linux | Bugfix:
• Fixed launching the game crashing it

BetaCraft v1.03_2

22nd April 2019, 19:32 CEST
+ The default version has been switched to b1.7.3
• Attempted fix on auto-update

BetaCraft v1.03_1

19th April 2019, 11:59 CEST
+ BetaCraftWrapper is now a part of the launcher
+ Support for Discord Rich Presence
+ Launcher's version now displays in the window frame name
+ Selected version now displays above the "Select version" button
• Better support for Java 7

BetaCraftWrapper update

8th March 2019, 15:28 CET
• Better compatibility with the oldest versions of the game

Libraries update 1

24th February 2019, 15:13 CET
Windows | Bugfix:
• No longer blackscreens
To fix the issue, go to %appdata%/.betacraft/ and delete the "bin" folder

BetaCraft v1.03

23rd February 2019, 17:48 CET
+ Can launch Pre-Classic
+ Implemented a brand new BetaCraftWrapper!
• All version from the version list now work

Pre-Classic-Indev level.dat is saved in user.home directory (either your desktop or your account directory)

BetaCraft v1.02

11th February 2019, 19:43 CET
• Corrected auto-update when the path for the file has spaces in it

BetaCraft v1.01

11th February 2019, 18:46 CET
Windows | Bugfixes:
• Fixed UTF-8 chars
• Fixed auto-removing the unneeded natives
• Fixed blank buttons

All platforms | Bugfix:
• "Keep the launcher open" option should no longer cause issues

BetaCraft v1.00

10th February 2019, 19:19 CET
+ More instances possible!
+ Can run all listed versions!

• "Keep the launcher open" option might cause issue to some people

BetaCraft vPreview 3 build 3

10th February 2019, 12:28 CET
Windows | Bugfix:
• Attempted a fix on auto-update

BetaCraft vPreview 3 build 2

9th February 2019, 20:29 CET
+ Added languages!

BetaCraft vPreview 3 build 1

9th February 2019, 16:34 CET
+ Changed the launcher's look
+ Added version sorting
+ Support for Classic and early Indevs

BetaCraft vPreview 2

5th February 2019, 23:57 CET
Windows | Bugfixes:
• Auto-update
• Launching the game
All platforms | Changes:
+ Functional option panel
+ Implemented a new theme of the launcher
• Changed the interface language to English

BetaCraft vPreview 1

4th February 2019, 18:36 CET
Windows | Changes:
+ The launcher frame shows up

Linux | Changes:
+ Can launch the game on versions higher than a1.0.5_01
+ Version list panel
+ Options panel (useless at the moment)
+ Auto-update feature